La Cresta — Socal’s Hidden Horse Community

Centrally located between San Diego and Orange Counties is a fabulous equestrian community called La Cresta.  It sits on the perimeter and is considered part of Murrieta.  The area itself is about 6,000 acres and is defined by lots that are minimally 5 acres.  Characterized by large homes and large barns gives a feel of being out in the country and yet it is relatively close to amenities.  Most of the homes have some sort of horse set up and some of them are quite impressive.  The community is surrounded by thousands of miles of trails.  There is a Home Owner’s Association that serves the purpose of maintaining roads, easements, and water acquisition.

This is a popular retirement destination for horse people from around Southern California. People like that you can get a lot of land, a large house and be surrounded by like minded horse people for a very reasonable price point. Most any amenity is just a short jaunt into town even though you are off the beaten path. 

The area is also home to some pretty large name trainers covering a wide variety of disciplines. This means you can pursue your training goals or trail ride.  If you are more social in nature, there are also various clubs to participate in depending on what your goals and interests are.

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