Orange Park Acres – North Orange County’s Equestrian Central

Orange Park Acres is an area bordering the city of Orange where there are larger lots that are zoned for horses. Most lots are minimally one acre, hence the name. It is a central hub for all things equestrian including trainers, horse rescues, a public arena, and lots of trail riding both through the neighborhood and in the 3 county parks that border it. The town is about 1.4 square miles and is centered between Santiago Oaks, Irvine Park, and Peters Canyon where there are endless trails. The publicly used arena hosts a collection of events including horse shows, tack sales, and even an Easter sunrise service for cowboys.

Orange Park Acres came into being around 1928 as an official equestrian designated area. Most homes have large enough lots to boast good-sized barns and decent-sized arenas. It tends to be a wealthier area because the land itself is expensive. Also, because the lots are large, it also lends itself to much larger homes than other areas can accommodate.

There is a local association to which you can belong for a minimal fee and they maintain the trails and sponsor some fun events including a 4th of July Parade, Barn Tours and Tack Sales. They meet periodically to keep the community informed as to what is currently affecting the horse community. Here is their webpage:

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