The Blocker Tie Ring for Horses

The Blocker Tie Ring for Horses


When I was contemplating my first product review, it was a no brainer for me to pick the Blocker Tie Ring for Horses!  This innovative piece of technology has truly changed how I tie my horses.


Most often a horse pulls back out of genuine fear and panic when they are restrained.  This scenario can come from the horse not being trained properly to yield to the pressure and restriction of the halter.  It also can stem from a previous bad experience the horse has had while being tied.  Either way, it can be an extremely dangerous situation because when a horse is pulling back, he is not cognizant of his surroundings.  This violent event may lead to serious injury of the horse and/or people in the vicinity.


Over the years I have seen many train wrecks due to horses “sitting back” on their lead ropes while tied.

One horse I saw was tied to a PVC fence and when it sat back, it pulled the rail right off.  The horse ran galloping down the street with the fence rail “chasing” it since it was still tied to it.  When someone on the street finally caught the terrorized horse, it has scraped up its legs very badly and the vet had to be called.

Another horse I saw at a horse show.  Something spooked the horse and in a panic it pulled back.  The snap on the lead broke and the horse flipped over backwards injuring the top of its head badly.

These are just two of many instances I could share from my lifetime with horses.  Horses are flight animals and when they are frightened, they run!  1000 pounds of panicked energy can create a lot of mayhem and potential injury to both horse, property and people.


The Blocker Tie Ring for Horses is a very safe and humane tool for tying your horse.  It’s basically a big ring with a pin that the lead rope wraps around.  If the horse pulls back, the lead rope has enough tension that it slowly releases the pressure on the horse without setting the horse completely free.  Once the horse feels the release of pressure, they typically settle down.

Another nice feature about the Blocker is that it is portable and can be mounted most anywhere.  I keep it on my trailer and on my tie rail at home.  I have found it perfect for my 3-year-old colt because it gives him slack to move around without panicking him.  This teaches him to be tied and get used to having pressure on the halter without it being a complete restraint.

If I had a rating system on my blog (hey, there’s an idea!), I would give it 5 stars hands down!

Sharon Kaak
Sharon Kaak

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