Colorado Horse Property – Equestrian Living at its Finest

Horse lovers, listen up! If you’re in the market to buy equestrian property in Colorado, you’re not alone! Whether you live in the mountains or along the Front Range, it’s easy to find affordable land that’s perfect for your horses and riding area. From majestic custom homes to breathtaking Rocky Mountain views, you’ll find that Colorado horse property is absolutely gorgeous and an affordable way to get into this state of horses. Read on for everything you need to know about equestrian living in Colorado!

10 Reasons Why We Love Colorado

Coloradans love their state, but there are many reasons why people choose to live here. From beautiful scenery and lots of sunshine, to perfect riding weather, it’s easy to see why so many horse owners have chosen a Colorado equestrian property as their residence. Here are ten reasons you should consider doing so:

  1. Beautiful Rocky Mountain views from your master suite
  2. Riding in some of the country’s most gorgeous landscapes
  3. The Denver Metropolitan area has everything you need for modern living
  4. A spacious custom home with everything from luxury finishes, to hot tubs on your deck
  5. Aspen trees everywhere—and not just during autumn
  6. Golfing year-round in nearby Castle Rock
  7. Hiking and riding trails galore
  8. There’s no better place for hiking than our local mountains
  9. It’s easy to get away from city life
  10. You can get anywhere quickly because we don’t have a lot of traffic or congestion

How Much Does a Horse Property Cost in Colorado?

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a horse property. The price of your home will depend on where you want to live, what you want included in your new house, and how custom of a property you want. For example, an equestrian property in some of the more rural areas can pretty easily be found under $500k. However if you’re looking in Colorado Springs with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms starts you might be starting closer to $1 mil. For those looking for more luxury features like a gourmet kitchen, home theaters, and intricate tile work, expect to pay even more. If all of these features are important to you but you can’t afford them in Colorado Springs or Castle Rock, consider making your own horse property by building on acreage out of town; it just costs around $250 per square foot.

What Type of House Do You Want?

There are several ways to approach a Colorado horse property. You can choose a custom-built home, which will most likely cost more than purchasing an existing home and converting it for equine use. Or you could find an existing house that’s already set up for horses. That’s probably going to be less expensive in general—but you may have to do some work, like changing out windows or improving ventilation.

Where is the Best Location for an Equestrian Home?

Location is key for an equestrian home. There are many equine properties that overlook stunning vistas and mountains, but what separates equine property from other horse properties is how close it is to trailheads, a clean area for riding without development in sight and being near barns. Being close to barns can save you money on feed as you can take advantage of your neighbors’ trails; depending on where you live, these trails may be few and far between.

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