Equestrian Communities in Florida – Finding the Perfect Fit for You and Your Horse

In the Sunshine State, there are dozens of equestrian communities to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something more laid-back and rural or highly luxurious and urban, you’re sure to find something that fits your equestrian lifestyle here in Florida. Here are just some of the most well-known equestrian communities in the state, to give you an idea of what to expect when looking around.

The Best Florida Equestrian Community for You

The best equestrian community is different for everyone, which is why we are here to help you find your perfect fit. There are many horse communities to choose from in the state of Florida. Some of these may be better suited to your needs than others. Some may just be looking for a horse community that fits them personally while others may be looking to kick off their own equestrian business.

The first step is figuring out where you want to live: do you want a rural property or a more populated area? Do you prefer dirt trails or paved roads? Would you rather have neighbors close by who also own horses, or would you prefer that all horses on your property are yours alone? Do you want an equestrian community, or would it be better if no other horses were on your property? Would it be best if there was a nearby boarding facility?

Whether you’re hoping to find horses for sale in fl, to exploring the vast Florida horse properties available for sale, this article will cover many of the best areas to look at horse farms for sale in Florida and anything else equine related in the beautiful Sunshine State.

Ocala City, Marion County, FL

In 2007, Ocala City in Marion County was recognized as the Horse Capital of the World®. A testament to the County’s vast expertise in everything related to horsemanship and its reputation for producing some of the world’s finest athletes. With a favorable, year-round climate and soil rich with limestone calcium which give it strong bones – this is where you’ll find more horses than anywhere else across America.

A long list of horses with connections to the great state of Florida has won the Kentucky Derby. One such horse was Needles, whose name comes from all the needles he had to endure as a young colt living in the heartland of Ocala Florida. He later went on to become known as the first Florida bred derby champion and even got himself into America’s National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame! With this victory sparking an industry in horse breeding throughout Florida, other successful horses followed suit – including recent Triple Crown Winner American Pharaoh who now lives happily retired at King Ranch near Ocala or Affirmed who raced throughout Marion County before finally meeting his match against Seattle Slew at Aqueduct Racetrack in New York City!

Beyond producing some of the world’s most reputable and highly-regarded horse breeds across the country, Ocala/Marion County has also been home to national and international equestrian events for years – including the HITS Ocala Winter Circuit, Live Oak International, as well as competitions here at the Ocala World Equestrian Center. Here you’ll find everything from thoroughbreds to jumpers, drivers, hunters and show horses; all hailing not just one or two incredible horse breeds – but many outstanding ones spanning across this area alone!

Horse on a ranch in north central Florida near Ocala

A great way for those who are passionate about horses to get the chance to meet with some of their favorite racehorses is through a guided tour of an equestrian center. There are a number of local horse farms that offer these incredible tours throughout Ocala Fl. The best part about these Ocala horse properties is that they are often filled with world-class champions from all over the globe – giving guests the opportunity to see firsthand how talented some of these horses really are, and also giving them an inside look at what it takes for one animal to become a champion. It’s not just about seeing where these animals live; it’s about experiencing something magical first hand.

Looking for Ocala, Florida horse farms for sale?

Wellington Village, Palm Beach County, FL

The Wellington horse scene is one of the finer things about this locale. Events such as expensive, elegant polo games and tournaments take place often around these parts. There are also plenty of places for horse lovers to go – from expansive estates with fully furnished barns where people can keep their horses, to luxurious neighborhoods where houses cost more than we could afford but still allow us access to all we need – there is no shortage of ways for people who love horses like me to live out their dream life in this area. Places such as Grand Prix Village or Equestrian Club Estates give us ample opportunities to do just that! Not only do these areas offer us many open spaces for our animals, but they also provide residential properties for those who have what it takes to live here!

The Palm Beach Winter Equestrian Festival which takes place in Wellington, Florida every year is the world’s largest equestrian competition. It attracts over 2500 high-ranked domestic and international hunters/jumpers for what most people describe as an amazing experience of a lifetime. The International Polo Club Palm Beach which is also located in Wellington features professional polo matches between different teams from all around the globe including Audi, Dubai, White Birch, Orchard Hill and Lucchese; each with its own unique characteristics for a fun day or night out on the town. You can spend your Sunday afternoon enjoying brunch before taking in some live horse racing followed by champagne divots stomping and partying afterwards! This flawless routine of going to work during the weekdays then heading straight out to play when Friday comes around really makes this city shine bright

Southwest Ranches, Broward County, FL

Just thirty minutes away from Fort Lauderdale, Southwest Ranches is an idyllic equestrian oasis where residents live in large plots of land and leisurely explore the many nearby trails.

Southwest Ranches offers country living for those who want to escape big-city life. This affluent area features spacious properties, boarding stables, many scenic trails and an absence of busy city sidewalks—perfect for someone looking to spend time outdoors!

Brevard County, FL

Located on the east coast of central Florida, Brevard County is a popular destination for horse lovers. Home to the Brevard Equestrian Center and the Deer Run Equestrian Community, this county’s equine communities are very diverse.

Here in Brevard County, you can find anything from some very large acre properties to horse properties with smaller parcels of land. Plus, Brevard offers many affordable and low-cost housing options that you’ll find nowhere else in the state.

Martin County, FL

Martin County, Florida, historically called The Land of the Cowboy, is a truly breathtaking and beautiful place to see. There’s no better view than that found on its most well-known horse trails. Many of these historic trails have been preserved on state park lands. Martin county is home to the Savannas Preserve State Park, Allapattah Flats, DuPuis Reserve, and Palm City Farms.

There are also many places for people looking for a way out from city life or just wanting some peace; like Sunny Time Stables in Palm City Greenridge or Marasco Ranch. This beautiful equestrian community is a great place to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The county has many horse properties, including horse farms for sale, that are perfect for those looking to own their own horses or those who just want to escape into a relaxing atmosphere.

Many Horse farms in Martin County offer both boarding facilities as well as trails where horses can be ridden, so finding your perfect fit here is easy!

Indian River County, FL

Located on Florida’s East Coast, Indian River County encompasses one of the most scenic parts of the state. This equestrian-friendly county has a variety of horse properties that are perfect for any budget from small acreage farms to luxury homes.

Indian River County, Florida is home to the Vero Beach Equestrian Club, Angel’s Appy Acres, and Shansumako Farm. With miles of picturesque scenery and exquisite trails throughout Indian River County – you never run out of things to see and do with your horse! The miles of beautiful beaches and trails throughout this gorgeous county provide plenty to explore with your four-legged companion!

Osceola County, FL

Osceola County is home to a variety of horse farms, with plenty of options to find the perfect fit for you and your horse. Whether you’re looking for a smaller farm or need more space, Osceola County has plenty of options. 

Osceola County also offers a range of equestrian events like polo, dressage, endurance rides, barrel racing, and more. Horse lovers will enjoy all that Osceola County has to offer.

St. Lucie County, FL

St Lucie, Florida is an unbeatable destination if you’re looking for beaches and rivers to explore, history trails to follow or just need a break from the daily grind. With sun shining from every angle possible and not enough places to count off all of them – it’s hard not to see why St. Lucie isn’t just for vacations but for people who truly love life.

St. Lucie County is located on the eastern coast of Florida, just north of Palm Beach County. St. Lucie County’s equestrian communities include: Palm City, Port Salerno, Southport, Stuart, Sewall’s Point, Fort Pierce West and Fort Pierce East.

These equestrian communities are all within close proximity to each other; some even share borders with each other. With their proximity to water and beaches, St. Lucie County equestrian communities offer horse owners a great escape from busy city life while living near beautiful beaches or boat docks where they can spend their weekends on vacation with their horses.

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